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It was an usual cine functionorganised for the people of Malaysia.Top to bottom of the kollywood roster came flying from India to attend this function.Stars, their friends, relatives,boy friends every body came tothe show.Of course, shriya also came with her friends trisha,hansika ...etc.Each and everybody were dressed decently except our slut shriya.She wore a saree and an half cut blouse so small that her cleavage and navel was visible to each and everybody.As the function began , everybody were asked to speak and express their feelings about the show.With your applause, let\'s welcome the vivacious diva of south cinema, shriya saran, please\" announced the presenter whose name is raghav.And then the slut came not knowing how to behave.She came swaying her hips from side to side posing her sexy slim structure to the cameras.She was obviously running out of films, therefore she had to earn money like this.She pulled down her sari a little bit to show even more of her navel.The cameramen were standing in awe.While some of the guys in the roster started accusing her but some loved it.Then she did a cat walk all the way shaking her hips.She bent down in front of the camera showing her bra and cleavage.She then moved onto the stage and started to speak about the show a little, but about her stardoma lot. \"Well thank you evryone.But wait, i have a surprise for raghav.\" \"Surprise! for me....? What\'sit?\" asked raghav rubbing his hair in anticipation. \"Well i had decided to host this show along with you.\" said shriya in a tone of dominance. \"WOW, it\'s my pleasure shriya.Man, i am on cloud nine.\" said raghav in excitement. The show went on for a while.Raghav had the best time of his life seeing shriya\'s cleavage and naval.The show ended with the speech of the superstar. Everybody departed to their respective hotel rooms. \"Well raghav, i guess ......... mmmm\" said shriya trappingraghav by her smirking eyes revealing her intention by sliding her saree aside showing her navel. \"Huuuuuuuum ya.What\'s up?\" asked raghav even though he understood what shriya\'s intention was. \"Yeah, you are right\" tempted shriya.Saying this ,she turned back and went to the bus where everyone was to travel to the hotel.Raghav followed her looking at her swaying hips.The eye balls rotated according to shriya\'s swaying.It was cut down by a phone call as raghav attended the call. Everybody boarded the busand the bus traveled to thehotel room. Everybody got down from the bus went to their rooms.But shriya sat on the couch put in the reception hall as the otherswent past her.At last raghav came and sat on thecouch.Shriya told others that she felt a little dizzy and that she would go to her room in 5 mins.Ensuringthat everybody went, shriya started walking towards the elevator.Soon,she was followed by raghav.Both of them went into the elevator and launched it to the top floor.There was a pin drop silence in the elevator.Both of them stood still.Their breaths touched each other\'s skin. Raghav bloweda huge breath thinking about this night.The elevator stopped and shriya went to the room andopened it.She went inside leaving the key in the lock.Quickly raghav closed the door with the key in thelock.As soon as he closed the door he plunged shriya from her back grabbing her waist.Shriya moaned\"HAAAAA\" in ecstasy tilting her head right letting raghav plant his kiss on shriya\'s small neck.\"HMMMMMM yeah love you man\"told shriya with a moan tilting her head even more.\"UUUMMMJ UUUUMJJJ\" the sound of raghav\'s kisses surrounded the room as the both got more hot.\"HUUMMM\" moaned raghav seeing shriya\'s expression while kissing. His hands which were touching the most perfect naval any diva had had.His fingers started to play on her naval pinching her skin rubbing her muscles softly while playing on shriya\'s neck.She quickly removed shriya\'s robe making her saree fall down.His hands went behind shriya\'s naval feeling the structure of shriya\'s back body.Oh man was he impressed , he started to pinch and rub against shriya\'s hip not knowing what to do.Raghav\'s saliva started to flow down shriya\'s neck into her breasts.Now raghav\'s lips went down shriya\'s chin and kissed it.He let his tongue out and licked shriya\'s neck as if a groundsman was rolling a pitch.He quickly moved to other side of her neck and bit her neck.\"AAAAAAAHHHHH that\'s nice UUUUUMMMM\" moaned shriyalicking her lips with her tongue.She placed her hands on raghav\'s hair andcaressed it.Shriya repayed raghav by kissing him on his forehead while raghav was biting shriya\'s neck.One of shriya\'s hand was too hungry and went down to his waist feeling his well structured body.Her fingersplunger upon raghav\'s staright dick and started stroking it. \"HAAAAAAAAA\" moaned raghav kissing shriya on her cheek.Both their lips moved an inch closer and stuck to one another.\"UUM UUM UUUM UM\"was the sound reflecting from the walls as they kissed ferociously.Raghav opened his mouth and let shriya\'s inside the cave.
Shriya let her tongue out and started to lick raghav\'s tongue inside his lip.Still shriya\'s hands were stroking raghav\'s cock.\"THUK THUK\" raghav\'s cock muscles begun to expand forcing out of his innerwear.Nerves started to flow across his cock.The temperature began to increase inside his body.Shriya opened her mouth and licked raghav\'s lips.Both of them kissed , sorry , that\'s not the the right word.Both of them sucked each other\'s mouth not leaving any saliva flowing out.They were sucking their lips as an hungry cow biting and stretching each other\'s lips.Both of them felt the pain but their sex desires were far too important. Shriya hip bent down and her ass rubbed against raghav\'s ever growing cock.\"HA HA HHUMMMM\" moaned shriya feeling raghav\'s cock rub against her ass and raghav\'s teethbiting and making marks on her neck.\"UUUPPAHHHHH FUCK\" moaned raghav spitting on shriya\'s neck ashis cock was stretched so long by shriya.Their heads were rubbing against each other.Soon their whole bodybegan to rub against one another even though they were fully dressed. Shriya quickly pulled down raghav\'s pant down while raghav removed shriya\'s bra. Raghav caressed shriya\'s breasts and twisted shriya\'s nipples while shriya removed his innerwear. \"AHHHHHHHHHH SHIT\" moaned shriya and started to stroke raghav\'s growing dick.\"AAAHHHHHHHHHHH havethis you bitch\" shouted raghav spitting on shriya\'s nipples, then on her face.Shriya began to increase her strokes.\"I want the cock AHHHUMMMM i want it\" told shriya in a husky tone dancing accordingly that his cock rubs her ass.She quickly turned and stood on knees and removed his innerwear.Shriya took his cock straight into her mouthand started stroking it with her mouth,keeping her hands on raghav\'s ass.\"AAAAAAAAHHHH that\'s more like a good girl\" experienced raghav.Shriya took her tongue out and slapped raghav\'s shaft.\"AAAAAHH MY GOD\" moaned raghav feeling the pleasuregiven by shriya.Shriya was bobbing her head to and froagainst raghav\'s cock.Raghav was really turned on and started to fuck her mouth.He held shriya\'s head tightly and started ramming his cock into shriya\'s deep throat. Shriya\'s head was movig to and fro as it was pushed byhis cock.While fucking her mouth , raghav leaned down to see her expression.WOW what a look.With a cock in her mouth and moving to and fro she locked her eyes into his.\"AH Man common AH AH AH AH AH AH\" shouted raghav with each thrust he makes. The cock seemed to tear her throat apart.He wanted shriya to cry beg and feel the pain.\"AHHAHAAAAHHHH\" screamedshriya while she had some gap.Raghav was in a high momentum and dark spirits had entered in his body.He was fully in rage as if he was a beast.He pushed shriya\'s head towards his cock so hardly that she wasunable to breathe and started to spit on his cock.\"OH Fuck you UGLY girl.Take this\" ordered raghav as he slapped her on her face.\"Do you like it bitch, want more AHH\" asked raghav in a hungry tone. \"UUUHM UUUHM\" moaned shriya nodding her head with raghav\'s cock in her mouth.Raghav\'s cock was spread with shriya\'s saliva while shriya\'s mouth was filled with yellowish sticky precum of raghav.Shriya was unable to withstand raghav\'s ramming cock.She was totally out of control.It was raghav\'s hand which held her head and his cock hitting her at the back of her throat.It was as if shriya was being punished by raghav brutally. Shriya\'s eyes became watery.\"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHAAH AAH AAH AAH AH\" shouted shriya in pain as raghav pushed her head into his cock.Shriya began to cry in pain.\"UUUUGGGGGAHHHHAGGGAH\" heard when she was being pulled away from the cock and then smacked again into the cock.\"Catch my seeds bitch AAHHHH\" shouted raghav as he\"UUUGHHHHHHHH\" cummed onher mouth. \"EAT it bitch.Don\'t leave any drop\" ordered raghav.\"UUUUUUUUMMMM\" tasted the cum ,shriya.Shriya\'s tears fell on his cock rejuvanating his cock.After being sucked by shriya cleanly, raghav pulled her up by her hair and locked his eyes and smiled cruelly unleashing that his beast had born. He quickly removed her dress and threw it down.After removing her dress, he pulled her and started biting her lips cruely which is coated by his cum and her saliva.He stangled her neckand threw her on the bed.He kneeled down beforeher and started to squeezeher boobs while licking her pussy.He slapped her pussy lips making her moan\"AAH AAH AAH AAH AHH \".But shriya was loving it , being brutally punished. \" YAAH DO IT BEAT ME\" moaned shriya.Rahav licked her outer labia.He stretched her pussy lips and spit on the pussy hole.\"YOU ARE GONNA DIE , BITCH\" shoutedraghav.He bit her outer labia and stretched it outside so that his tongue could reach her inner labia.He was licking her labia as a thirsty dog.He slapped shriya\'s face until itturned red and then went for her cheek.Her pussy widened up even more and his tongue reached for her clitoris. \"AAAAAAH YOU FUCKMONSTER AHHA HAHH AHH\" moaned heavily shriya cursing raghav badly as helicked and bit shriya\'s
clitoris.He quickly inserted his index finger into shriya\'s pussy hole and tickled her g-spot.\"HA HHAHAHAHHAHA FEEL IT BITCH\" shouted raghav locking his eyes and with a wicked smile.Shriya\'s crying moans filled the room and she was searching for breath.After licking her pussy and finger fucking it, raghav stood up and undressed himself while shriya was licking her fingers which was soaked by her cum when she inserted it into her pussy.Soon after undressing himself he stangled shriya choking herwindpipe making her spit on his face. \"I LOVE YOU MAN I WANT TO BE FUCKED BY YOU. TEAR MY PUSSY \" saidshriya wiping the tears. \"OHYEAH THEN DIE\" said raghav turning her body putting her in the doggy style.\"OOOOHHHH AAAAHHHH FUCK I\'M GONNA DIE IF YOU DO IT SO HARSH\" shouted shriya in pain.Raghav\'s 11 inch cock screwed into shriya\'s pussy. \"UM UM UM UM UUUUUMMMM\" moaned raghav with each thrust he made.He really wanted to tear her pussy apart.He gave all his effort and started his to and fro motion. \"AHHA AHH AHH AHH AHHAHHHHHH\" moaned and shouted shriya as her tears fell on the bed. \"BANGBANG\" heard in the room\'s entrance.It was the opening and closing of the door. It was raghav\'s friend and hisfriend\'s uncle who were coming towards the bedroom stripping themselves on the way withtheir tongues out of their mouth. \"UUAH UUAH UUAH UUAH UUAH\" shouted shriya as raghav\'s cock rammed inand out of her pussy.\"OH UAH MY AHHHAHH GOD WHO AH THE FUCK AHH ARE YOU MUMMAH ?\" asked shriya interupted by her moans.\" AHHHH QUICK GUYS MAKE HER FEEL WHAT SEX IS\"shouted raghav.Raghav\'s phone callwhich he attended was fromhis friend.He had called him for fucking this bitch.The nude guys,one was young and same as raghav while the other was really old around the age of 45, walked their steps towards shriya. Shriya\'s heavenly room soon turned into a deadly hell.Both of them hada cock about 10 and 9 inch long.\"NO AAHHAHA NO GAAGGH\" shouted shriya in fear predicting the pain shewould get.Both of the guys went closer and stepped upon the bed.The old one wasmore eager and went in front of shriya\'s mouth.Shriya predicted that he would fuckher in her mouth and closed her mouthtightly resisting her moans.The old one in frustration \"HO YOU THINK YOU CAN DODGE FROM ME THEN FEEL THE PAIN\"\"CHUP\"sounded the hard slap as the old man(ram) slapped her. \"MWWAHHHH UMMMM MWAAAAAHHHH\" shriya\'s mouth opened to the slap and the pain of raghav.\"HERE IT GOES UUUGAGGH\" shouted ram as he thrashed his cock into her mouth. \"OH YEAH THIS MOUTH DESERVES TO BE FUCKED, AH AH AH AH\"shouted ram as he began to thrust his cock further down her throat.\"UUUMMM GHHHHHGAGHHHH\" moaned shriya, her tears falling on ram\'s cock.Meanwhile the other guy, gaurav went underneath shriya\'s breast.Gaurav cupped shriya\'s breasts and slapped it.\"UMMMMM UUUMMMM \" shriya was unable to speak as her mouth was packed by ram\'s cock. Gaurav took shriya\'s breasts in his hands and started to bite her nipples while pinching on the other.\" FEEL IT MY SLUT HAA HAA HAA\" laughed gaurav as he was biting her nipples fiercely.He slide down furthereaching to her face where her mouth was thrashed by ram\'s cock.Gaurav raised himself up and placed a pillow underneath his waist so that his 10 inch cock canbe able to fuck her tits.\"UUHUUH UUH \" struggled gaurav, but in the end was able to rub his cock on shriya\'s cleavage.WOW the goddess of south indian filmindustry was fucked in doggy style while recieivng a cock in her mouth and also being tit fucking her.\"HA AH AH HAH AH HAH AH \" everybody\'s thrusts coincided and shriya was feeling the pain of her life.\"HAAAA COME HERE SOMEONE I WANT TO CUM ON HER FACE\" shouted in anticipation, raghav.Everybody paused their excercise for a second.OH MAN wasn\'s shriya relieved.\"PLEASE LEAVE ME AHHH AHHH\" said shriya searching for air as drops of ram\'s precum juices fell from her mouth on gaurav\'s forehead. Theyaltered her position by turning her upside down.Gaurav was the first to arrive at shriya\'s ass hole. Raghav went to her mouth to behind her head.While ram went for herpussy.Both ram and gauravlifted both of her legs searching for their resprctive spots. \"WHAT NO NO NO PLEASE I BEG U UUGGGHGUGHH\" as shriya\'s scream was cut shot as raghav inserted his throbbing cock into her mouth.Ram held her legs wide apart for gaurav to insert his cock into her ass hole.There was no lubrication ,nothing.\"YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL THE PAIN OF YOUR LIFETIME SLUT\" said gaurav and laughed everyone. Gaurav spit dozens of times on his cock and hers and spankedher ass cheeks.\"UUAGGGGHHAUUUUUGH\" moaned shriya as ram widened her legs even more. Gaurav\'s cock went near ass hole and rubbed itin between her ass cheeks.But it slipped down alittle.Now he was frustrated.With all his might,he rammed his cock into herhole successfully. \"WWWWUUUUAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH PU PU AAAAAAHHHH\"screamed shriya.This thrust from her throat pushed raghav\'s cock outside , splashing hispre cum juices and her
saliva all around the bed.It hit everyone\'s face and everybody started to lick it.\"AAAAAAAH PLEAASE LEAAAAVE ME YOU AAAAHF UKCER AAAHHHHH UUUM\" shouted shriya as gaurav started to move his cock inside her ass which was cut shortly as raghav pushed his cock inside her mouth. \"AH AH AH AH AH AH \" screamed gaurav as he began to feel his pain and moved his cockin and out of her ass hole.Drips of her saliva started to pop out as she wanted to scream but obstructed by raghav\'s cock.Quickly ram inserted his cock into her reluctant pussy.Literally, shriya was dying of pain.The three beasts seemed to be neverexhausting.All of them rammed their cock as a drilling machine.The fountainof saliva was increasing as shriya was moaning a lot more louder and harder.\"AAAHHHH AHHHH AHHHH UMMU UMMM UUMMM YA AY YA\" shouted everybody enjoying shriya\'s pussy getting torn apart.\"CHUP CHUP CHUP \" gaurav\'s laps and ram\'s and shriya\'s laps clashed often as both of them were ramming their cock ferociously.While raghav\'s balls hit shriya\'s chin so hard making a deep impression on it.\"ARE U READY GUYS\" asked ram.\"YES BOSS\" replied both of them.Everybody stopped and stood on their knees.Shriya was exhausted and laid on the bed.The three of them stood on theit knees and started stroking their cocks getting ready to cum on her body. \"TAKE THIS OUR BITCH HA HA HA HA HA......\" laughed all the three as their cum splashed out of their cocks and landed on shriya\'s forehead, hair, lips , cheeks ,neck , shouldres, and breasts.The three of them got down from the bedand dressed themselves and went to raghav\'s room.Shriya was exhausted.Her breasts popping up and down and went unconscious as the dawn begins...